DogDogFish – Data Science (the Physics chapter)

This blog will likely end up as a collection of the random projects and thoughts of a couple of data scientists based in the North West of England. There’ll be investigations into publicly accessible data sets with the following topics likely covered:

  • Data Analysis
  • Model Creation
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Statistical Significance Testing

We’ll also spend a bit of time chatting through problems we’ve faced at work (for The Hut Group – a multi-channel e-commerce retailer), the pitfalls we’ve fallen into and the methods we’ve now got for avoiding them. Of course, there’s always a chance there’ll be a broader foray into programming, computer science topics and technology in general. Stick with us and find out. As an added bonus, we’ll try our best to make it sound as unlike a technical manual as possible – those kind of blogs suck.

For more about us head over to the ‘About Us’ page.