Centre of the Fringe Festival 2017

See a few posts below for the full details of the map – basically it’s the weighted centre of the Fringe festival.


  • That looks obviously wrong. Are you sure it’s right?
    • Honestly, no. Seems pretty fishy to me too. I’ll investigate if I get time but in all honesty, I just ran the same scripts as I wrote last year and it all seemed to work and output answers. This was honestly not much effort at all.
  • Did anybody get you a drink last year as a result of this?
    • No.
  • So it looks like the overall centre of the Fringe moved. Where has it moved to?
    • Basically directly over my work. If you’re in the area and fancy a coffee give me a shout.
  • Can you really call them FAQs if nobody has ever asked any of them?
    • You wouldn’t have thought so, and yet here we are.
  • How do you calculate this again?
    • See the post from last year. Any more questions and let me know.
  • Can I have the scripts so I can run it and do a better job than you?
    • Yes, but let me know. It kind of involves scraping the Fringe website and I don’t want to put that out in the public domain.
  • Given it seems obviously wrong, couldn’t you have checked before posting?
    • Follow-up questions aren’t encouraged. But, it turns out by chance that I posted last years version of this exactly a year ago and I thought I mayerswell try to get this out tonight.


So it goes.